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About Us

PHARMIDEA has been operating on the Polish pharmaceutical market since 2001. We are an organization specializing in professional services for foreign pharmaceutical companies which are interested in entering the Polish market. Our qualifications are based on experience and broad understanding of the pharmaceutical market and distribution network of pharmaceutical products (medical products, food supplements and cosmetics).
PHARMIDEA is represented by experts in different fields, with many years of experience in all aspects of the pharmaceutical business in Poland.

Our experience

We cooperate with pharmaceutical wholesalers, herb shops and drugstores all over the country in the area of pharmaceutical products distribution, as well as organization of promotional events and programs for producers and wholesalers companies.

In 2003 we created a loyalty programme for one of the biggest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland. We have also jointly created and edited a pharmaceutical magazine and organized numerous promotional activities (e.g. free examinations in ambulances visiting selected associated pharmacies).

We have launched on the market many products of foreign and local producers such as:

SYNESIS - natural cosmetics; JDC - heath/cosmetics (Poland, Lithuania and Canada); BAJOŃSKA Sp. z o.o. - wellness programs; APC Instytut - Magnesium Diasporal-Aktive, Direkt, Instant tea (Poland); CEFAK - Kempten (Cefasel tablets and stix); Cesra Arzneimittel - Baden-Baden (homeopathic and herbal products); DR. AUGUST WOLFF - Bielefeld (dermatological products); TERRA-BIO-CHEMIE - Freiburg (cosmetics); SPIRIG PHARMA - Egerkingen (cosmetics), Co Ord-Med - Otterfing (Instillagel, medical devices); URSAPHARM - Saarbrücken (Posorutin, herbal products).

We are ready to use our experience for the benefit of our clients.

We will be happy to answer any questions quickly or provide any additional information concerning the services or cooperation we offer.

Please contact us:

Małgorzata Nitka